The Founding Director of Fenberger House is Roger McDonald.

Roger is Deputy Director of Arts Initiative Tokyo AIT (Tokyo). His research focuses on the history and practice of art and cosmic consciousness. His areas of interest include: modern art and Zen Buddhism, art and entheogens, Sung period Chinese landscape painting, classical Indian music and issues of climate change, deep adaptation and art. He was born in Tokyo in 1971 to British and Japanese parents. He studied Mysticism and Religious Experience (MA) and Art History (PhD) at The University of Kent, Canterbury under Professor Roger Cardinal (Outsider Art 1972). He taught at various art universities in Tokyo from 2002 - 2016, and has directed the independent study program MAD at AIT since 2000. He has curated exhibitions since 1998 (including the inaugural Singapore Biennale in 2006 and The Museum of Together at Spiral Tokyo in 2017) and founded Fenberger House a private house museum in 2012 where he organizes exhibitions and leads residential workshops.

In Praise of Halvings: Hidden Histories of Japan Excavated by Dr D. Fenberger

Free MAD Online lecture series (in Japanese)



Scholars, advisors, artists and friends who support and guide the house.

Christian Hidaka, Artist, London.

Peter McDonald, Artist, London.

Eri Ishida, Editor, Tokyo.

Agnieszka Gratza, Writer and Drifter.

Dr. Yoshiko Shimada, Artist/ Director of Matsuzawa Yutaka Psi Room Foundation, Nagano.

Noriteru Minezaki, Designer, Tokyo.

Yuko Shiomi, Director of AIT, Tokyo.

Rei Yanagisawa, Owner chef, Maru Cafe, Sakudaira, Nagano.

Guy Mayman, Artist.

Francis Upritchard, Artist, London.

Cedric Lassonde, DJ, Beauty & the Beat, London.

Cyril Cornet, DJ, Beauty & the Beat, London.

Yuya Kojo, Farmer, Writer, Mochizuki, Nagano.

Yumiko Chikou, Artist, Host of [Toumei], Mochizuki, Nagano.

Hiroko Yanagisawa, Raw Chocolatier, OJAS, Tomi, Nagano.

Jesse Schlesinger, Artist, San Francisco.