30. March 2017
The residency holds particular resonance because of a particularly strong historical link between Britain and Japan through the important writings and works of Bernard Leach and Yanagi Soetsu.

08. September 2015
We use the word ‘to imagine’ and to ‘image’ frequently and without much thought in our everyday lives. I wonder what we really mean by this word?

07. September 2015
私たちは「想像する」や「思い描く」という言葉を、頻繁にしかもあまり深く考えずに毎日使っています。 この言葉は我々にとって実際はどういう意味を持つのでしょうか?

20. May 2015
n August 1980 Reinhold Messner stood on the summit of Mt Everest for the second time. He was the first person to climb the mountain alone, and without the use of supplementary oxygen.

11. May 2015

16. March 2015
I feel that I haven’t experiences many peculiar or strange things in high mountains. One thing would be dreams. Dreams of people who have long ago died - my father, mother, older sister. Whenever I go to the Himalayas I almost always dream of them. I wonder why.

13. December 2014
Totally black tragic dress required.

27. October 2014
The experience is one of sensory inundation. Fragments of sound, some familiar, some alien, drift in the ether of the audio canal, while all around one is washed by projected images, faded slide projections, flickering film reels and the humming drone of many old machines.

19. May 2012
When I think about my own ‘horizons of experience’, I think about a number of things that have remained very strong in me and which probably continue to inform my judgements about art and the way that I create my sense of self.

24. July 2011
The stillness of Maria Bianca Barmen’s sculptures are quite different to a sculptural tradition in Europe that is about arresting motion - the works of Michelangelo would be pertinent here, which also extends to the works of Rodin.

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