From 2013 The Space Music Club was initiated at Fenberger House.

The museum has, from its beginnings, insisted that music listening be an integral element. The Director’s highly selected collection of ‘space music’ forms the core of this endeavor.

Space music may be approximately defined as music that sounds expansive and complex, induces feelings of relaxation and deep meditative affects. My own interpretation of this music is centered around classical Indian music, expanding outwards to ambient music, New Age music, certain strands of jazz music, rock music, religious music and acoustic music.

I have been inspired by the philosophy of David Mancuso and Brian Eno in this. Brian Eno proposed the setting up of ‘Civic Recovery Centers’ where people could come to listen to music and rest. I have always been surprised that museums have generally not made listening a part of their aesthetic experience.


From 2013 I began the Record Sandwich Club, an irregular gathering of interested locals at the house to listen to one album in its entirety. After the listening phase, chutney sandwiches and English tea is served and a relaxed mood of conversation begins.

During open days from 2014 I played selected records from 13:00 until closing time. Three records were selected for the weekend and played in rotation.


Space Music Club remains an integral element of The Museum of Cosmic Consciousness. As before, during open days records will be played. In addition to the visual experience of encountering art works and related ephemera, the records may hopefully encourage visitors to sit or lie down and enter deep states of meditation. Listening to music in a group through good quality audio equipment is another important way that visitors can experience Fenberger House.

The stereo system used at the house is as follows: Luxman SQ 38u valve amplifier, Luxman PD 171a record player, Zu Audio Soul Superfly 100Db loudspeakers.