The Center for Monitoring Earth Extinction Adaptations was initiated in April 2019 as a research project exploring the role and form of the arts in a world radically disrupted and altered by climate crisis. A small exhibition of printed materials, art works and ephemera is being displayed in Fenberger House. The Center’s research includes:

Re-excavating the history of art for hints and visions which may assist us in the near future.

Thinking about art as guiding or navigational devices/ techniques to help us adapt to a disrupted world.

Thinking about the role and use of art spaces in the near future, as healing and recovery centers.

Gathering and practicing skills and techniques from the arts such as attentional practices and ritual movement, as ways of developing psychological and creative resilience.

Matsuzawa Yutaka, Untitled, white circle collage, 1967.jpg

‘The collapse of humanity is close at hand. What if current false civilization cannot change its course rapidly enough? Before the collapse of humanity, let us instead communize minds that are truly worthy of human beings. Let us instead build so-called Nirvana commune. We appeal to all the Final artists of the world.’

Yutaka Matsuzawa, Nirvana Commune Manifesto, 1969-70

Gustav Metzger.jpg

Auto-destructive art is art which contains within itself an agent which automatically leads to its destruction within a period of time not to exceed twenty years

Gustav Metzger, Auto Destructive Art Manifesto, 1960


I imagine a future where many of us will call ourselves dancers and collaborate to make an art which concerns itself with primary areas of life... for me, peace is a communal work process, a collective vision. The dance itself tries to exemplify a few of these methods in a truly grounded and practical way so that the people can say: yes, there are prospects of survival.

Anna Halprin

“What will happen during the oncoming years and decades when we enter the era of energy transition, combined with emission cuts, and start to witness more severe effects of climate change? That is the big question”.

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