Don Cherry playing music with his son Eagle-Eye in Buckminster Fuller Dome, 1971. Source: Eric Cornelius/Moderna Museet, Stockholm.



2011 - Pre-open residential course organised by AIT at Fenberger House: 'Dictatorship and Art', led by Roger McDonald.

2012 - 'The Pose of the Time Machine', pre-open experimental exhibition.

2013 - Pre-open residential courses organised by AIT held over the summer.

2014 - 'Peter McDonald Drawings' exhibition. House opens for free visits, selected weekends. Space Music Club and Flicker Art Research workshops held at the house, organised with AIT, led by Roger McDonald.

2015 - 'The Crystal Horizon' exhibition, Record Sandwich Club initiated, 'Whole Earth Saku Tour' organised with AIT, workshop by Yasushi Ogawa, Tibetan medicine.

2016 - 'The Pose of the Time Machine' exhibition, Excavations begin outside the house to unearth art works buried in 2011.

2017 - 'Dancing into the Cave' exhibition, house hosts Order of the Third Bird intensive two day workshop.